2017 in Review: Top Escapia & V12.NET Updates

From better dashboards to robust trainings, these were the most powerful improvements of 2017

The HomeAway Software team was hard at work in 2017, launching over 1,200 enhancements to the performance, support, and security of Escapia® and V12.NET®. Here are some of the most valuable improvements built to help you attract more guests, run all your operations more smoothly, and ensure each and every guest has a great experience.

New Owner Portal - Escapia & V12.NET

A brain-child of our clients who attended Rezfest 2015, the Owner Portal rolled out in fall 2017. This upgrade provides a modern, mobile-friendly way for property owners to view activity associated with their properties without having to call or email your office. Based on your preferences, owners can view property availability and performance, send messages to your company, and more.

Automated Owner Statement Processing - Escapia

This free new feature saves hours of staff time by automating the processing of Owner Statements. Automatically save, send, and/or publish owner statements. The process runs overnight, so the owner statements are waiting for you in the morning! No more long nights at the office.

Housekeeping Dashboard Updates - Escapia

We’ve been collecting your feedback since the Housekeeping Dashboard’s 2016 launch, and rolled out a number of improvements in 2017. One of the most-loved additions: the names and colors of housekeeping status settings are customizable.

Warnings Added on Rate Page - V12.NET

The Rates page displays an error if there are multiple users trying to edit and save rates at the same time. Changes made by the first user are saved, and subsequent users trying to save will see the error message. No more accidentally overriding each other’s work!

Tax Exempt Options Expanded in Folios - V12.NET

Here’s a timesaver that your back-office staff will love: V12.NET now offers separate Tax Exempt options on Folios so that you can choose Rent, Add-on Charges, or both to be tax exempt.

User Feedback Improvements - Escapia & V12.NET

Thanks to the feedback we receive from Escapia and V12.NET users through the “Feedback” tool, we rolled out over 50 user-recommended features in each software. Below are a few of the most-loved additions.


  • Cancellation Highlight on Reservation Grid: Prevents double-dipping by letting your reservation staff know that a booking was cancelled and which dates need to be re-booked. If the dates are re-booked, the orange highlight is removed.
  • Custom Search (Alpha): To provide more custom reports, several Escapia roles now have access to pull data. Multiple typehead search parameters are live - try them out under the new menu item labeled "Custom Search".
  • Configure $0 Extras / Add-on Charges: Users can add miscellaneous items like complimentary crib rentals and fruit baskets to a booking, giving a fuller picture of services provided.


  • Reuse Manual Add-on Charges on Folios: You can now reuse any Manual Add-on Charges that have already been used on a folio. Each Add-on Charge is displayed on the “Folio Charges” tab with any associated taxes.
  • More Unit Additional Info Fields: We increased the Unit Additional Info Field limit from 40 to 150, so you can keep track of everything you need.

Customer Support - Escapia & V12.NET

Our average support ratings continue to achieve an industry-leading 9.3 stars out of 10, and we stepped up to deliver 155 instructor-led training sessions to help you master your software.

We also provided more online self-paced courses through HomeAway Software University — over 1,800 classes were completed by clients like you! And when you just need a quick bit of help or documentation, our self help articles continue to grow in popularity. We published more and better articles that were read by clients over 94,000 times in 2017.

We have many exciting projects in the works and look forward to continuing to improve your software in 2018. Remember: you can always provide input in the “Feedback” section of Escapia or V12.NET. We read every comment and many of the changes described above were a direct result of your suggestions - thank you!