3 Ways Guest Hospitality Apps Change the Game

As it turns out, there is an app for everything.

As travelers become more tech-savvy, they expect more of their experiences to be automated, immediate, and accessible all the time. That means the traditional three-ring binder of information about your property no longer impresses guests. It’s time to get smart about your guest’s experience, and guest hospitality apps are the way to do it. Here are 3 ways guest hospitality apps are changing the game for property managers:

1. They’re available 24/7 to guests so you don’t have to be.

Guest hospitality apps are pocket-sized concierges that contain everything your guest might need to know to enjoy their vacation: gate codes, parking instructions, where to find extra pillows, wifi passwords, directions to the beach or ski lift, local restaurant recommendations, and almost anything else you can imagine. Since they’ve got a personal concierge in their pocket, your guests will spend less time calling you and more time enjoying their vacation (which means more five star reviews for you).

2. They automate away the stress of property management.

Guest hospitality apps take pressure off of you by automating check-in and check-out procedures and sending automatic push notifications after arrival to make sure guests have everything they need.

They also provide a simple way to communicate in real time with guests. If the refrigerator breaks in a unit, guests can notify you through the app. You can reply with a push notification to let them know a technician is on the way and confirm when the problem is fixed. And, in case of emergencies, you can send a push notification to every guest at once to tell how to get to safety.

3. They give you 18 more opportunities per guest to upsell.

Guest hospitality apps give you new opportunities to upsell. On average, a single guest uses their app 18 times while on vacation. That’s 18 opportunities you didn’t have before to sell them concierge services or activity packages.

And, since you get a report on what links, images, and pages each guest looked at in the app, you learn more about their specific interests. With this information, you can send tailored marketing emails that actually make them rebook. Was a guest looking for directions to nearby wineries or fine dining? You can offer a discounted rate for the week of your local food and wine festival.

Guest hospitality apps can change the way you do business. They save you hours of time, give you new opportunities to upsell, and automate away the repetitive tasks that need to be done but don’t add to your bottom line.

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