4 Tips for Attracting Social Media Followers

Managing your social media doesn’t have to feel like rocket science.

You’ve been stepping up your marketing efforts. Maybe you’ve recently redone your website to take online bookings or cleaned up your database to remarket to previous guests. It’s easy to understand how those efforts can feed your bottom line…but social media doesn’t seem to make as much sense (or cents).

Social media isn’t ever going to be your biggest lead source, but it is one of the most important ways you can develop and maintain positive relationships with guests and potential guests. Of course, that means you need to have an audience of followers. Here are four best practices that will help you grow your following across each social media channel.

Clean Up Your Profile

Before you increase your social media activity, make sure your profile is clean, up to date, and accurately represents your brand.

  • Are your profile picture and cover photo good quality? Do they represent your brand?
  • Is the "About You" information concise and written in a way that catches the eye of an interested traveler?
  • Is a link to your website easily visible on the page?
  • Are you using ten words when two will do? Shorter text is more easily readable for people browsing social media while waiting in line at the post office or in between meetings at work. (We all do it.)

Follow, Follow, Follow

After you’ve polished your profile page, it’s time to start following others.  Follow relevant, travel-focused accounts, especially accounts run by local businesses. It’s common for a company you follow to follow back, which increases your credibility and makes it more likely that that your content will get in front of their audience.

Here are some accounts you should follow:

  • Your local Chamber of Commerce
  • Your city's Visitor Center or other tourist go-to
  • Popular restaurants nearby
  • Local media outlets
  • Nearby tourist destinations, like parks or historical sites

The Power of Content

Of course, you want your social media channels to attract attention to your properties. You can do without crazy stunts and gags by simply creating and sharing content that brings value to your target customers. Being a source of consistently helpful information about your location entices more people to follow you and encourages your existing audience to continue coming back to your page. Plus, it will help build your reputation as a local authority.

Here are some ideas of good content to share:

  • An article that lists the most popular activities in your area
  • Pictures of your beautiful, unique properties
  • Details of promotions you're running
  • A particularly thoughtful or touching five-star review from a guest
  • A local news report on a nearby attraction or destination

Give Them A Reason To Follow You

A great way to get more followers is to give them a reason to, like a special offer or other incentive exclusive to your social media followers. Consider running a giveaway that requires a follow for entry, or extending a discount or deal only to your social media audience. This could be a great way to encourage last-minute bookings, too!

Many people follow brands and businesses strictly to watch for discounts and promotions. Even if you aren’t able to create a giveaway or special offer, promote deals or bargains for other tourist-friendly destinations in your town. For example, you could share if a local museum offers free entry on the first Saturday of every month or the opening of a new nearby hiking trail.