V12.NET's 5 Most Important Updates of 2016

Out of the over 400 updates we made to V12.NET last year, these five really bring home the bacon.

Here are the top five most popular, powerful improvements we made to our cloud-based property management system V12.NET in 2016. Many of these features were requested by property managers through our in-product feedback tool. If you’d like to suggest a new feature or vote on suggestions submitted by other vacation rental property managers, click “Give Feedback” at the top right corner of your screen when you login to V12.NET.

1. Automated Payments

Automated Payments saves hours of staff time every week by eliminating the need to individually charge and confirm payments due according to a reservation's payment schedule. With this new feature, all payments due that day are run automatically at noon without any manual input from staff. Guests are even sent an email reminding them that their card is going to be charged and a receipt when the payment is successful.

If a customer doesn’t have a card on file, the card has expired, or the card is declined, guests automatically receive an email asking them to update their card information. It’s all done (and in writing) without your staff ever having to pick up the phone.

2. Letter Editor

The feature most requested by users, Letter Editor made its big debut in 2016. Now, you can edit your templated correspondence directly in your software, including updating logos, editing text, and reformatting the page.

Of course, this means it’s now possible for someone to accidentally mistype, cut/paste text, or entirely delete the templates you use on a daily basis. We have a short training program for your team to make sure they know what to click and what to avoid.

3. Enhanced API

This enhanced API functionality is particularly valuable to property managers who work with business partners to manage something like smart home functionality. For example, your smart home security provider can now assign new lock codes for units on turn days and automatically push that information into V12.NET. It’s also useful for point-of-sale integration, replicating a resort-style experience where guests can charge a purchase to their room.

4. Custom deposit and cancellation policies by channel partner

You can now also set deposit policies by channel partner. This is helpful when working with third-party OTAs or partners with different commission structures and is a simple way to offset financial risk by asking for a larger deposit up-front.

5. Homepage improvements and hotkeys

It’s impossible to miss the changes to your V12.NET homepage. We’ve made your homepage more functional with new features that you can customize. You can now bookmark your favorite pages and reports for easy access directly on the home page, keep track of tasks with a handy to-do list feature, and search your entire database with global search.

We also eliminated unnecessary clicking by adding keyboard shortcuts. Now, you can also “jump” to important pages using hotkeys. For example, typing “gh” will take you immediately to the Housekeeping Dashboard. Power users rejoice!