The Do’s and Don’ts of Content in Your Mobile Hospitality App

Take thirty minutes to review your app and make sure it follows these best practices.

Mobile hospitality apps are a great way to give your guests the information they need to enjoy their vacation up front. Whether you already use a mobile hospitality app or are considering using one, here is a checklist of “Do’s” and “Don’ts” for creating content in your app. Click here for a printer-friendly version of this checklist.


Embed a video welcome message.

Videos create an emotional connection that written word does not. Post this video on your website and social media channels, too!

Create new content for your app based on feedback from guests.

If a guest tells you they loved a particular café, museum, tour, or experience, make a note! If you think it’s something that most of your guests would be interested in, add it to your app.

Recommend activities you think are cliché. 

Yes, historical monuments, local tours, popular bars, and the most-visited beaches have been done or seen a thousand times. But they’re new to your guests!

Proofread every part of your app.

Your app is the part of your brand your guests are going to interact with most during their vacation. Make sure every page presents your business professionally.

Keep an eye on which pages within the app are most popular. 

Once you identify the pages guests look at the most, add related content to your app. For example: If 50% of your guests are looking at “bunny slopes” for novice skiers, consider adding the names of local ski instructors to your app.


Use local nicknames for streets or locations in your app.

It’s easy for property managers to forget that their guests don’t know all the local lingo they do. Make sure you list the “real name” of streets and attractions as they appear in-person, not just the “local name.”

List operating hours if you can’t keep them updated.

If you’re not ready to check that the operating hours for local businesses you recommend are correct every few weeks, don’t list them. Instead, provide a link to the attraction’s website, which should show operating hours.

Forget to list “just in case” recommendations.

While hospitals aren’t a place guests want to visit, they’re important to list in your app. You should also consider including gas stations, pharmacies, and maybe even a trustworthy mechanic. Just in case.

Use the same content all year.

Refresh your app every few months, removing any recommendations that are no longer relevant because they’re out of business or simply not looked at by guests. Then add in new attractions as they become a part of your area. (This is especially important for locations that offer different seasonal activities!)

Write a novel.

Although we all love our smartphones, no one wants to read endless paragraphs of text on a small screen. Keep your content short and sweet by giving guests the information they need in just a few sentences.