[Case Study] How Wishbox and Escapia Help Create a Contactless Guest Journey

Escapia is a proud partner of many leading vacation rental service providers designed to help you find new guests, streamline your day-to-day operations, and grow. 

We are pleased to share this case study from business partner Wishbox, a guest experience platform providing end to end guest communication solutions. Escapia and V12.NET customers who sign up with Wishbox before August 31, 2020, will receive one month free!

“Contactless experience with guests, in these uncertain times, has been a game-changer. Wishbox literally provides us with a life-saving tool.” 

— Scott Medina, Founder of Go Punta Cana


The impact of COVID-19 has accelerated the need for contactless guest communication. With changing guest expectations, vacation property management company Go Punta Cana needed a way to quickly and efficiently launch a comprehensive digital experience for their guests and offer contactless solutions.


By integrating Wishbox with Escapia, Go Punta Cana was able to implement a complete digital guest experience and offer smart tools throughout the guest journey.

From confirmation to check-out, the platform includes smart, automated tools such as online check-in, guest app (web-based with no downloading required), upsells, online check-out, review optimization, and more. 

Wishbox connects directly with your Escapia or V12.NET account, pulling all relevant reservation and rental information to optimize guest communication. After collecting the relevant information from your guests, Wishbox sends the info back to Escapia/V12.NET for easy and seamless guest management.

Hear from Scott Medina, founder of successful vacation rental company Go Punta Cana, about the contactless guest journey and the value of integrating with Wishbox and Escapia:

What challenges did you face that led you to search for a solution like Wishbox?

Wishbox has been a total game-changer for us, allowing us to both collect information and communicate with guests automatically. We needed to go contactless with guests; however, we had many documents and information we needed to collect and did not want to compromise our check-in process. For example, collecting documents to avoid credit card chargebacks, collecting contract signatures, document scans, and more. The online check-in and information we collect automatically has changed our entire operation and has allowed us to reduce the number of employees we need to have. 

Describe the online check-in process. What information do you collect with Wishbox? 

Using Wishbox, we can collect the guests’ direct contact details before arrival, we opt-in guests for our marketing and collect their arrival time. We also upsell transportation services in the process and sell early check-ins. We collect scanned documents and E-signatures and have also added our own custom questions for guests. All communication is done using our branding.  

What is the main benefit you experience with Wishbox?

Wishbox has made our operations run a lot smoother, and we have been able to reduce the number of employees. The guest experience has also been enhanced with pre-check-in features as well as scheduled messaging through the system. All rental information and guides are available through the guest app. Since implementing, every single guest has complimented our communication before, during, and after the stay.

Being able to get all information and documents is a major plus.  We no longer have to meet guests in person; all property details and codes are released at the right time. The main benefit I would say is the contactless experience with guests.  In these uncertain times, this has been a game-changer. Wishbox literally provides us with a lifesaving tool. 

Learn More:

For more information on Wishbox’s services, please visit: https://wishbox.co/. Wishbox is a leading guest experience platform providing end to end guest communication solutions.  

If you’d like to discuss how Wishbox can help digitize your property and offer contactless solutions, please contact Wishbox today. Remember: Escapia and V12.NET customers who sign up with Wishbox before August 31, 2020, will receive one month free!


Go Punta Cana

About Go Punta Cana:

Go Punta Cana was founded in 2007, with over 72 rentals and growing. Properties include unique beachfront and walk-to-the-beach condos, all within walking distance to outdoor activities. Located in Bávaro Beach - Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Offices in Punta Cana and Miami, US.