Congratulations to Our Award-winning Clients!

Five HomeAway Software clients won the top spots in VRM Intel's annual website awards.

Hats off to our clients, Topsail Realty, Island Realty, Vacation Homes of Hilton Head, Jackson Hole Resort Lodging, and Oregon Beach Vacations! These five vacation rental management companies were recently recognized as having the “Best VRM Websites” in VRM Intel’s annual website awards. We couldn’t be prouder!

VRM Intel received more than three dozen entries which were judged on 34 criteria including design, on-site search functionality, property display, booking paths, area information, search engine ranking, site errors, speed, and lead generation. Here’s a preview of what made each website a winner (and what can help you improve your website, too).

Topsail Realty

The first place winner, Topsail Realty’s website had a heavy focus on e-commerce. The look and feel of the site are open and airy, and promote the destination as well as the beachy, vacation lifestyle. Professional photos and an easy-to-understand rate table help interested travelers feel they know what they’re getting and what it will cost, which helps build credibility.

Island Realty

In second place, Island Realty stood out for its unique search options, including flexible arrival times. Smart calendars reinforce minimum stay requirements without disrupting the booking process, and live chat and urgency marketing messages push travelers to make a booking decision.

Vacation Homes of Hilton Head

With a responsive design that views well on computers, tablets, and smartphones, Vacation Homes of Hilton Head took third place. Each property in search results is led by an attention-getting photo, and other areas of the site promote the company’s partnerships with local businesses to build trust.

Jackson Hole Resort Lodging

Jackson Hole Resort Lodging took fourth place with some truly unique features, like webcams that show activity on area ski slopes in real time. Each property page also includes well-written descriptions complemented by large, professional photographs, and add-on options make it easy for guests to “one stop shop.”

Oregon Beach Vacations

In fifth place, the Orange Beach Vacations website boasts a functional design that loads quickly on all types of devices. Marketing calls to action embedded in the search process encourage booking decisions, and each property is displayed on an easy to navigate, single page. No extra clicking required.