Diversify your marketing channels with Whimstay + Escapia

Escapia and V12.NET customers new to Whimstay who sign up before June 15, will receive 3 months of no host service fees on bookings!

Business Problem:

Casiola, a Florida-based property manager with more than 300 homes in Orlando and Aruba, often had unsold nights in their homes even in their peak season. Dynamic pricing helped with conversion, but it didn’t help bring new travelers.


Whimstay, a distribution channel focused on last-minute travelers promoting unsold inventory within the next 21 days.

Whimstay provided Casiola access to a new and much needed customer segment: last-minute bookers. The Whimstay to Escapia integration was quick and painless with a 30-minute implementation and no changes to Casiola’s internal operating processes.

Diversification of Marketing Channels

Casiola relies on numerous distribution channels and dynamic pricing to maximize the occupancy rate and RevPar for its properties. With Whimstay, Casiola was able to further diversify its distribution strategy to reach value-conscious travelers while maintaining premium pricing on other channels.

Additionally, Whimstay’s customer service team confirms every booking to assure that the travelers understand and respect Casiola’s house rules.

Leveraging Escapia and Whimstay for Increased Revenues and Higher Occupancy

Whimstay gave Casiola a focused distribution channel to help meet its promise to property owners by bringing new customers and thousands of dollars in new bookings and revenue. This has been particularly beneficial during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whimstay allows us to attract new travelers and clear our last-minute availability, providing increased value to our property owners”, said Dennis Goedheid, CEO of Casiola.

The integration with Escapia assures real time updates of reservations and a seamless handoff to Casiola’s customer service team.