Escapia Live 2020 Recap

At Escapia Live 2020, we revealed a lot of exciting updates for our customers around the globe. From business strategy to major features in the pipeline, there’s a lot we can't wait to share.

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Our Promise to You

Last year we committed to providing our customers with industry-leading property management software. With all our resources devoted to Escapia, we can now deliver the new functionality you need faster than ever.

We're focused on three areas to help you thrive:

Giving You a Competitive Edge

Escapia rolled out 135+ updates and fixes in 2020 alone, including 60+ new features. But we’re not just giving you more functionality — our vision is to change the way you do business by bringing more intelligence and automation into Escapia.

Top 3 feature releases on the horizon (starting 2021!)

We're focusing on bringing more automation, data, and simplicity into three of your most important tasks: rate setting, communications, and distribution.

Our approach to these major releases is an iterative one, where more and more features will be added over time. This allows us to lay the foundation and address your biggest needs first. From there, we’ll test and make updates, add more functionality, and keep improving based on customer feedback.

Rates manager: Stay flexible with faster, easier rate setting

Get ready for a brand-new, user-friendly interface that simplifies rate setting. A rates manager that enables you to adapt to changing market conditions and easily update rates on the fly. And, eventually, it will incorporate MarketMaker insights, bringing automated competitive intelligence and revenue management capabilities right into Escapia.

With the new rates manager, you’ll be able to quickly set default minimum stay requirements, lead time, and check in/out days for all properties in a single screen. Plus, you’ll gain the ability to easily view nightly rates and increase or decrease rates by a percentage. This is not a basic feature upgrade — we are rebuilding the Escapia rates editor from the ground up to help you manage rates more strategically.

Communications hub: Better communications, all in one place

We want to make you more efficient and effective by bringing all your guest communications under one roof. The vision of the new communications hub is to allow you to communicate with a traveler across your most critical channels, all within Escapia. Text messages, emails, and other correspondence won’t be siloed to individual mailboxes or phones.

No lost communications and timely responses will help lead to an improved guest experience, better reviews, and less headache. Plus, you’ll have a centralized view of key data about every guest, from every stay, enabling marketing that’s targeted to travelers’ prior preferences. This level of streamlined communications will change the way you do business — and it isn’t offered by any other software provider.

Distribution improvements: Seamless channel management within Escapia

We want to make it simple for you to distribute your properties across your preferred channels and major OTAs such as Vrbo, Airbnb, and So, we are working to bring channel management into Escapia, while also strengthening connections with existing channel managers to ensure you have options that work best for your business.

Bringing channel management into Escapia means you can manage all your distribution in one place. That includes the ability to configure advanced rates by channel and by property, to ensure you are optimizing your listings without leaving Escapia.

Making it Easy to Do Business

We know software plays a vital role in simplifying your day-to-day operations, so we’re building additional Escapia functionality to make it easier than ever for you to run your business. In this year alone, we've rolled out 60+ new features such as automated emails, lock offs, channel attribution, and more based on customer input.

Customer feedback is the first step in every part of our process: from what to work on next, to how we can improve existing functionality. We continually meet with our Customer Advisory Board, conduct research and usability studies, review in-product feedback, and more to find ways to make Escapia work better for you.

Providing Expertise and Investment

Escapia is part of Expedia Group — a global network of 200+ sites across 75+ countries, used by millions of travelers worldwide. This connection includes additional resources to deliver advanced training, longer support hours, and more features faster. All adding up to unparalleled opportunities for you, the property manager.

While we are part of the Expedia Group family, Escapia is committed to giving you choice and helping you succeed on all your preferred channels.

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How to Stay Up to Date

With so much new development, you need easy ways to stay in the know! Bookmark these free resources for software updates and training:

Momentum is Building

Escapia is laser-focused on bringing you the best property management software in the industry. And while we’re proud of the many new features we brought you in 2020, know that this is just the beginning. We look forward to continuing this journey with you and working together to deliver property managers more in the months and years to come. Thank you for all that you do.