Escapia's 5 Most Powerful Updates of 2016

We released over 500 improvements to Escapia last year, but a few new features really took the cake!

Here are the top five most popular, powerful improvements we made to our cloud-based property management system Escapia in 2016. Many of these features were requested by property managers through our in-product feedback tool. If you’d like to suggest a new feature or vote on suggestions submitted by other vacation rental property managers, click “Give Feedback” at the top right corner of your screen when you login to Escapia.

1. Automated Payments

Automated Payments saves hours of staff time every week by eliminating the need to individually charge and confirm payments due according to a reservation's payment schedule. With this new feature, all payments due that day are run automatically at noon without any manual input from staff. Guests are even sent an email reminding them that their card is going to be charged and a receipt when the payment is successful.

If a customer doesn’t have a card on file, the card has expired, or the card is declined, guests automatically receive an email asking them to update their card information. It’s all done (and in writing) without your staff ever having to pick up the phone.

2. Consolidated Housekeeping Dashboard

We took all the housekeeping functions you love to use and put them on a single screen. Now, you can assign housekeepers to units, see how many cleans you have in the week ahead, and even set rules for automatically marking units as “clean” from one place.

The Housekeeping Dashboard is mobile-friendly, too, which makes it easy for housekeepers to use while they’re working. You can even restrict permissions so that individual housekeepers only see information of units they’re assigned to clean.

3. Expanded Quick Quote functionality

We added to our Quick Quote feature to make it easier for property managers to give accurate quotes to inquiring guests. You can now add or adjust damage insurance rates and edit payment schedules directly in the Quick Quote window, then email the quote to the guest with one click.

4. OwnerWeb document upload

Now, you can upload documents and images to OwnerWeb directly from Escapia. By cutting out the need to switch to an email client, write an email, and attach documents, Document Upload streamlines the work you have to do to share photos of repairs needed in the unit and contracts that need to be signed. This also creates an archive for all the documents and images you send so that both you and your owner can access them at any time.

5. Custom deposit policies by season and channel partner

In just a few clicks, you can double the security deposit and require full payment at time of booking for all stays taking place during spring break, busy holiday weekends, or any other time of the year.

You can now also set deposit policies by channel partner. This is helpful when working with third-party OTAs or partners whose payment policies and timing are different than your more standard deposit policies.