How to Make the Most of Your Mobile App

4 of the most effective ways your mobile hospitality app can do the heavy-lifting for you.

If you use a mobile hospitality app, chances are that you love it. We don’t blame you! Mobile hospitality apps take work off your plate and create a better vacation for your guests. But even if you love your app, are you sure you’re using it fully? Here are four things you should do with your mobile hospitality app to make the most of it:

1. Automate your turn days.

If you aren’t using your mobile hospitality app to reduce turn-day stress already, do it immediately. One of the best benefits of a mobile hospitality app is the time and effort it saves your staff on your busiest days.

For Guests Checking Out:

  • Include check-out times and processes in your app so guests know what to expect. Include any specific instructions, like where to leave bags of trash or where to drop off the key.
  • The morning of check out, send a push notification directing guests to a mobile check-out form. As soon as a guest checks out, send in the house keepers!

For Guests Checking In:

  • The morning of check in, send your new guests a push notification directing them to arrival instructions in the app. This should include gate and door codes, parking instructions, and check-in times.
  • Send a push notification the day after check in to welcome the guest and make sure they have everything they need.

2. Answer common questions exclusively in your app.

If you’re repeatedly getting asked the same question, put the answer to that question in the app. The next time you get a call from a guest needing the answer, tell them that information is found exclusively in your app. Pushing them to download the app not only gives them the information they need right now (and, face it, will probably need again later that day), it also helps them find answers to other questions as they pop up.

But with dozens of properties, guest management isn't always so straightforward. That's why you should filter which guests see what information in the app. For example, only guests staying at properties with access to the pool should see the pool's gate code listed in their app.

3. Capitalize on your local recommendations.

Guests value your recommendations for places to eat and things to do in the area. As one of the few locals they know, you’re their go-to! Since you’re already making recommendations, take advantage of the opportunity to bring in additional revenue through referral relationships and “ads” in your app.

With data from your app, like how many users download it every month and what types of content they look at most, you can make a case for forming a partnership with a local business. If your guests are interested in outdoor or adventure opportunities, negotiate a referral fee with a local rafting company or helicopter tour provider. If your guests come to your area for a beach vacation, you could recommend a local surf instructor for a flat monthly fee.

4. Dig for data gold–and then use it.

Mobile hospitality apps are a goldmine for valuable data on your guests’ interests. By tracking what parts of the app they visit most, you can get a picture of what they like to do. If a guest spends time looking at fine dining restaurants you recommend in the app or arranges for a wine tour with a partner from your app, you can reasonably assume they’re interested in a good glass of vino.

Armed with this information, you can start to send them targeted, relevant marketing messages that entice them to rebook. You might offer a special discount if they return later that year for a nearby food and wine festival or offer a complimentary fine-dining package if they return for a long weekend.