Niche Traveler Segments Expected to Grow

One trend we expect in vacation rentals is the growth of niche traveler segments.

2018 Vacation Rental Trends for Property Managers: Niche Traveler Segments Expected to Grow

The overall vacation rental market is expected to continue growing rapidly over the next couple of years, and we anticipate groups historically underserved by hotels to gain even more traction in 2018, including:

  • Pet Lovers. 31% of travelers want to take their pet on vacation with them instead of leaving their furry friends at home. Pet-friendly hotels often don’t provide the flexibility and convenience that vacation rentals can offer pet owners. Rentals can provide the added privacy, space, and yard travelers need to truly enjoy vacationing with their pet.

  • Roadtrippers. With 33% of travelers vacationing within 250 miles of their home, vacation rentals offer unique access to the experience roadtrippers crave, whether that’s relaxation at a cabin on Lake Tahoe or a rowdy weekend on Bourbon Street. Roadtrips often take travelers away from the sterility of hotels and towards stunning landscapes, quiet retreats or vibrant neighborhoods.

  • Special Diets. Since six in ten households have at least one dietary restriction, having access to a functional kitchen can make traveling with food allergies or restrictions easier and cheaper than eating out every night of vacation.

Takeaway: If you don’t already, highlight all of the features and amenities of each unit that could attract a niche traveler. If you have a full kitchen, free on-site parking, or a fenced in yard, make sure to call it out in your listings!

We assembled some of the brightest minds in the vacation rental property management industry to weigh in on what’s to come in 2018. Download the full 2018 Vacation Rental Trends Report for Property Managers for more information about what trends are taking shape in the next year and how you should respond in order to set your property management company up for growth.