How to Share Your Properties' Safety Features with Travelers Using Escapia and V12

In a 2018 HomeAway survey exploring what safety amenities were “must haves” in vacation rentals, 58% of U.S. travelers selected smoke detectors, 44% fire extinguishers, and 42% carbon monoxide detectors.1 To book confidently, travelers need to know that their safety and security is a top priority.

Escapia and V12 users can now highlight their commitment to creating a safe space by adding home safety amenities to their property details. With safety reaching more prominence across the marketplace, showcasing these features is increasingly important for both reaching new travelers and staying ahead of the competition. Here’s how to get started.

Adding Home Safety Features in Escapia and V12

You’ve already done a lot of great work to ensure safe stays at your properties. Now it’s time to show it!

To help better advertise your properties’ safety features, Escapia and V12 have added a new set of safety-related amenities to your software. These include items like fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire extinguishers—the features that travelers care about most.

Get full instructions for adding these amenities in Escapia here, and in V12 here.

Displaying Safety Features to Travelers

Safety features are published through EscapiaNET and ISILink, which enables any listing, website, or marketplace that pulls data from HomeAway Software's distribution APIs to display this information to visitors. As safety features rise in importance, we highly encourage our customers to include safety amenities across as many listings as possible.

HomeAway and VRBO now show safety features in property listings and post-booking details—so this information is visible to travelers both while shopping and after purchase. In February, the HomeAway Software team became the first property management software company to integrate with HomeAway to display these safety features. Integration is live for both Escapia and V12.NET customers.

Here’s an example of how they appear to travelers in HomeAway listings:


HomeAway also launched a Trust & Safety portal to provide additional information to travelers, owners, and property managers. Expect to see other distribution channels take similar steps, and add your amenities now to allow for fast integration down the line.

Highlighting home safety essentials can go a long way towards earning traveler trust. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your Client Solution Manager with any questions, and thank you for all that you do to keep travelers safe.

HomeAway U.S. Traveler Amenity Collections Survey 2018