Simplify Your Housekeeping: Improving Integrations with Third-Party Applications

If you’re currently working with a third-party housekeeping application, you’re likely doing a lot of repetitive data entry. For example: managing the cleaning tasks for a unit in your housekeeping tool, and then having to manually update the unit's status to "Clean" in Escapia or V12.

But what if your applications could “talk” to each other, communicating back and forth in real-time? HomeAway Software’s new Housekeeping API enables just that, opening the door to better integration with many of the leading third-party applications on the market.

With the right APIs in place, experience less manual entry, more automation, reduced toggling between applications, better data sync, and more! Read on for a deeper dive into how the new Housekeeping API can increase efficiency and unlock more ways to leverage partner technology.

First, what’s an API?

API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface. In plain English, an API allows two applications to talk to each other. When you check the news on your phone or send an instant message, you’re using an API to complete that action.1

Example Use Case: HomeAway Software’s Housekeeping API

Use cases vary by each partner application, but here’s one example of how a property manager might benefit from the new Housekeeping API:

  1. A guest status is changed to “Checked Out” in Escapia or V12.

  2. The unit is now “Dirty.”  With integration, this information is automatically transmitted to the third-party housekeeping application.

  3. The housekeeping application recognizes that the unit is dirty and notifies the housekeeping staff. The staff assigned will go through their cleaning process, and use the third-party application to record when the unit is cleaned and ready for the next guest.

  4. The third-party application sends back a status to Escapia or V12 through the Housekeeping API; the unit is now “Clean.”

  5. The unit status is automatically updated in Escapia and V12.

  6. With the seamless integration and real-time updates, the PM can offer the next guest an early check-in.  

Here’s a visual of this process, follow the arrows to get a feel for the technical flow:




In short, if you are using or plan to use third-party housekeeping applications, the new API makes it possible to automatically transfer data in real-time between your HomeAway Software and third-party partners. That saves you and your staff time by:

  • Cutting down on repetitive manual entry

  • Reducing toggle time between two systems

  • Enabling seamless integration with your preferred partners

  • Unlocking deeper functionality in both systems

And the better all applications work together, the better the guest experience!

Building Partnerships

Unlocking data via HomeAway Software APIs is just the first step. Third-party vendors have to build the connections necessary to make this data flow possible, so we are highly focused on partnering with leading vendors across the industry.

If you are working with a third-party housekeeping vendor and have issues with data sync, encourage that vendor to become a HomeAway Software Partner and build out an integration with the HomeAway Software Housekeeping API.

Breezeway is one of our first partners to integrate with the new Housekeeping API, and they are offering one month free to Escapia (offer available here) and V12 customers (offer available here). With the new integration in place, you and your team will enjoy simplified, real-time operations and less manual data entry.

What’s Next

We’re continuing to invest in robust APIs to better integrate your preferred partner solutions. Based on your feedback, we are nearing completion of a Maintenance API that will be released in the coming months—stay tuned!

1 MuleSoft, “What is an API?”