Start Using the Sink

When was the last time you dug a well to wash your hands?

When was the last time you dug a well and pumped groundwater into a bucket to wash your hands? I doubt most of us ever have. Instead, we walk to the sink, turn on the tap, and water flows into our hands from the city’s water system. Easy access to the city system saves us the time and energy required to dig and pump so that we can quickly wash our hands and move on.

Sinks are a technological innovation that makes our lives simpler, easier, and cleaner. It’s this kind of simplification we take advantage of every day and often don’t think twice about. Why should the tools we use to run a business be any different? 

Just like you use a sink instead of a hand pump to wash your hands, so should you use cloud-based property management software instead of server-based software. Here are the three reasons to quit pumping and start using the sink!

1. Cloud-based software is more efficient.

Gone are the days when property managers had to buy expensive servers, set them up in a utility closet, and call a technician to repair them when they crashed. Cloud-based property management systems allow PMs to simply “turn on the tap” to access their data and delegate setup and maintenance to cloud-computing providers.

Drawing water from the city system also saves us from having to dig a new well when the first one runs dry. The PC hardware required to run server-based property management software will inevitably become outdated or even discontinued, forcing you to chase down old hardware on eBay or at garage sales, find a new PMS, or continue using unsecured, unsupported hardware.

Cloud-based systems, on the other hand, can be accessed from any device with an internet connection and are designed to seamlessly integrate with the latest technology. Product updates, including new features and security updates, are delivered automatically. There’s no need to dig a new well if the first one doesn’t dry up!

2. Cloud-based software better protects your business.

Cloud-based property management systems protect your data better than server-based systems, both physically and digitally.

Unlike server-based systems where your data is stored on a server in a utility closet at the back of your office, cloud-based systems store it on enterprise-grade servers in remote locations. This is a tremendous advantage to property managers in areas that sometimes experience natural disasters or inclement weather. If the servers in your utility closet are damaged, your operations come to a halt.

Plus, cloud-based software stores all your data on remote servers on maintained by professional cloud-computing providers. These teams implement some of the highest security standards because your data security is their entire business.

3. Cloud-based systems work everywhere.

The most immediate benefit of a cloud-based property management system is that you can run your business anytime, anywhere, on any device connected to the internet.

In the office? Hop on your computer. Meeting a maintenance team at a property? Open up your laptop and pull reports for your accounting teams while you wait for them to arrive. Need to know if a room is ready for check-in? Your housekeeping staff can use a mobile device to mark that units are clean and ready for the next guest.

A version of this article was originally published in VRM Intel Magazine.