[Case Study] Safely.com Guest Screening and Insurance: How It Works For Escapia

Introducing Safely.com, an Escapia business partner offering vacation rental insurtech and guest screening services that integrates directly into Escapia.

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What is guest screening and how would it work for an Escapia customer?

In simple terms, effective guest screening stops the ‘bad guests’ before they get through the door. Renting a property as a vacation home to someone from the internet can make owners understandably anxious. At Safely.com, we developed an insurtech solution to address the guest screening and insurance gaps in vacation home rentals to provide assurance to our customers and, ultimately, help recruit and retain more homeowners.

We answer homeowners’ most pressing questions (1) who is staying in my home, and (2) what happens when something goes wrong? Guest screening with criminal background checks, data analytics, and Safely.com’s database of guests who have broken house rules and trashed homes eliminate the worst guests. Escapia customers can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home is in safe and trusted hands.

When a guest books, Safely.com receives the reservations and guest information via the integration with Escapia. To perform a full background check, Safely needs the guest’s name, address, and date of birth. If any of the information is missing, a “virtual check-in” email is sent to the guest.

What type of insurance products do you offer and what are the revenue opportunities?

Safely.com was founded to address the unique risk posed by short-term rental stays - to give owners and property managers a gold standard protection solution. Today, Safely.com is the leading insurtech and guest screening solution for the short-term rental industry. Our tech-enabled solution protects properties through tailored, comprehensive insurance for vacation rentals and guest screening based on analytics.

We offer three products: Guest screening, Damage and Bodily Injury Insurance, and Travel Insurance.

Our customers (property managers and owners) are protected by up to $1,000,000 of Safely.com’s industry leading primary damage and bodily injury liability insurance.

As well as ensuring booking protection, Safely’s insurtech solution is a key recruitment strategy for homeowners in the vacation rental space. Property managers using Safely’s guest screening and insurance solution report business growth of over 30%.

What benefits have Escapia customers seen from using Safely?

As the travel industry reopens, safety remains a top priority for managers, owners, and guests. Safely.com helps owners and managers mitigate risk by turning internet strangers into trusted guests.

By using Safely’s trusted insurtech solution, Escapia customers can be sure they have the right, tailored, comprehensive protection plan in place - and enjoy the peace of mind that this affords. The result: a happy homeowner, less friction with guests, streamlined operations, and homeowner retention and growth in recruitment.

Moreover, if a customer does have a claim, it only takes 5 minutes to submit the claim, and 80% of claims are paid within 4 days.

Any costs associated with insurance may be passed on to the guest. This allows the property manager to add protection and earn a margin - a much favorable option to taking damage deposits or self-insuring.

But don’t just take our word for it...

This is what our property managers have to say about how they’ve been able to grow their business by using Safely.com and Escapia.

Next Stay Vacation Rentals

Next Stay Vacation Rentals wanted to scale their business and turned to Safely.com’s guest screening and vacation rental insurance in order to achieve this. The owner had a prior business and used Safely. By having a tailored insurtech solution in place, he successfully grew from 80 to 140 homes before selling to Vacasa. Now he is starting again with Next Stay Vacation Rentals and his first calls were to Escapia and Safely.com.

“Working with Safely has been a huge asset to our business. Not only do we have the protection and peace of mind of the insurance coverage, but we have also found that potential new home owners love the product and it has been a significant competitive advantage for us in recruiting new homes to our program.”

Carl Johnson, Owner, Next Stay Vacation Rentals, Safely.com and Escapia user

Sea Star Realty

Since working with Safely.com and Escapia, Sea Star Realty has seen significant improvement and streamlining of their claims process. This has taken the hassle out of insurance tensions with guests, enabling Sea Star Realty to focus on their core business of delighting guests.

“ We’ve been using Safely’s insurance services for the past 3 years and they’ve been a great partner. Their insurance solution integrates seamlessly with our property management software, Escapia, and the online claims process is simple and efficient. We’ve seen guests and homeowners really appreciate the protection and peace of mind that Safely provides.”

Robert Gates, Broker-in-Charge & Owner, Sea Star Realty, Safely.com and Escapia user

Palm Island Resort

Palm Island Resort looked to Safely.com and Escapia for help streamlining their operations and acquiring new homes. The innovative solution they received has had a huge impact on their business, with happy owners, happy guests, and happy property managers alike.

“ We have been delighted with Safely. Filing a claim in the portal is easy, payments and approvals are made quickly, and they are very responsive when we have questions. We have been a client of theirs for almost 2 years and wish we would have become one sooner! ”

Lisa Halpin, Villa Operations and Sales Director, Palm Island Resort, Safely.com and Escapia user

If you´re interested in learning more about Safely.com and how you can benefit from them as part of your Escapia package, please contact Hello@Safely.com.

Safely.com is the leading insurtech and guest screening solution for the vacation and short-term rental market. Since its launch in 2015 over $50 billion of homeowner liability has been covered. https://safely.com/