What’s Next for HomeAway Software: Essential Updates from Rezfest 2018

This year’s Rezfest featured many exciting announcements for all vacation rental property managers: HomeAway’s new global organization dedicated to supporting PM partners, technologies and innovations including interactive virtual tours, greater access to the Expedia network, and more.

But for HomeAway Software users, Escapia and V12.NET User Day offered an extra day of exclusive content designed to educate and inspire. Here are the top HomeAway Software takeaways from User Day, including the strategic vision for the year ahead.


One Word: Growth.

HomeAway Software General Manager Cliff Vars kicked off User Day with encouraging results from a recent customer survey: over 80% of respondents felt “extremely positive” or “very positive” about their company’s overall business outlook in 20191:


Property managers are optimistic about growth, but business challenges remain:



With top challenges identified, Cliff invited the new GM of Global Property Management Business, Lisa Chen, onstage to outline HomeAway’s commitment to supporting PMs in three key areas:

  • Energize partnership on both the distribution and software side

  • Deliver more, high-quality bookings to grow your top line

  • Simplify your operations so you can run your business more efficiently

Lisa also reiterated that HomeAway is investing millions in HomeAway Software, with an entire organization now accountable for your success: “We are not deprioritizing this business.  Quite the opposite, we’re supercharging it.”

To help our customers continue to grow, HomeAway Software is focused on helping you simplify your operations, extend and scale your technology, and increase bookings.


Simplify Operations

With owners, guests, and employees all relying on you, essential tools and systems must be as effortless as possible.

  • Eliminate repetitive tasks: Automate or simplify common tasks so your staff can focus on activities that drive growth.

  • Supply answers quickly: From guest inquiries to owner statements, use software to get answers out faster.

  • Provide access anywhere: Access key information at all hours, even on the go.

  • Right support, right time: Get the help you need faster through call routing and extended hours.

Product Update


Extend and Scale for Operational Efficiency

As the industry evolves and new vendors enter the market, you need a platform that helps all tools work in harmony with your core software.

  • Information flow: Easily send information between your core systems and added tools through robust APIs.

  • Partner with leading vendors: Access more of the channels and tools you need, and enjoy exclusive discounts for HomeAway Software customers.

  • Partner and API Support: Get up and running with third parties faster, and get better assistance should issues arise.

Product Update

  • Housekeeping API: Tighter integration with third party Housekeeping tools will allow more information to sync with your software, eliminating the need to switch between systems. The Housekeeping API is in the final stages of development, with a Maintenance API following soon after.


Increase Bookings

Secure bookings through all of the channels that are important to you: your website, HomeAway.com, and other distribution sites.

  • Reach more travelers: Easily push all properties to your website and other channels in the market.

  • Showcase your properties: Ensure all of the great property information you have in your software reaches your channels: photos, descriptions, virtual tours, and more.

  • Optimize your rates: Provide a better traveler search experience with price consistency, and get help setting the best rates for your properties.

  • Data-based insights: Get the actionable insights and recommendations you need to make better business decisions.

  • Support process: Find answers faster with greater alignment between HomeAway listing support and HomeAway Software support.

Product Update

  • Virtual Tours: HomeAway Software is working closely with the HomeAway team to be the first property management system that seamlessly integrates with HomeAway virtual tours.

  • MarketMaker: The MarketMaker Beta program has completed a year of data collection, and we’re rolling out new improvements based on your feedback. Rate sync capabilities are nearing completion for Escapia, allowing users to accept recommendations in MarketMaker and push them directly into their software.


Investing to Win

One message was clear at Rezfest 2018: HomeAway Software is invested in helping property managers succeed. There is more opportunity for vacation rental PMs than ever, and we are committed to delivering the operational improvements, new technology, and distribution tools and partners you need to power your business. An impressive 3 out of 4 HomeAway Software clients grew their revenue over the past 24 months2— let’s make that 4 out 4 in 2019.


Questions about HomeAway Software’s path forward? Contact your Client Solution Manager, we’re here to help.                       

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   1TechValidate survey of 155 users of HomeAway Software, September 201

2Data based on active Escapia customer metrics pulled from July 2016 - June 2018