Escapia & V12.NET Customer Resources for COVID-19

Updated April 2, 2020

On March 11, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the outbreak of coronavirus, known as COVID-19, to be a global pandemic. We understand this crisis brings uncertainty to travel and your business. Please use this page as a resource for software tips, updates, and other industry-related topics on COVID-19.

Software FAQs and helpful tips

In Escapia, agency administrators can log into the new system and use the Performance Dashboard to stay up to date with real-time pacing for bookings compared to previous time periods. On March 26, 2020, Escapia also added a NEW option to show the number of cancellations on the Bookings tab of the Performance Dashboard:

image (14).png

The following reports may also be helpful:

  • NEW Booking Cancellation Revenue Report (Reservations > Reports > Bookings > Booking Cancellation Revenue Report). This brand-new Escapia report gathers all important cancellation data into one report, including associated revenue, guest information, and reservation information for cancellations made after 2:15 PM PST on March 17, 2020. For cancellations made prior to 2:15 PM PST March 17, 2020, the report will include all data except: Booking Charge Total, Booking Rent Total, Booking Tax Total, and Booking Total. Get full details here.

  • Booking Cancellation Report (Reservations > Reports > Bookings > Booking Cancellation Report). Use this report to filter for a variety of factors, including cancellation reasons. This report can be run for a variety of date ranges (the date the booking was canceled or if the range is for the arrival date, last night, or departure date).

  • Cancellation Report (Front Desk > Reports > Cancellation Report). Use this report to quickly show reservations canceled, how many nights the reservation was for, the cancellation reasons/notes as well as other pieces of information. The date range will show instances in which bookings were canceled inside of the reservation.

  • Occupancy Comparison Report (Units > Reports > Occupancy Period Comparison). This report allows you to see on a per-unit basis how many nights each unit was occupied over two different specified date ranges. It provides a breakdown of how many of those nights were due to a hold, an owner stay, or actual rented (occupied) nights. This report does not show any rent amounts.  

  • YOY By Unit Report (Reservations > Reports > Units > YOY By Unit Report). Like Occupancy Comparison, this report allows you to define two different periods to compare against each other. It also allows you to select if the date range is arrival, departure, occupancy, or date booked. While this report shows rent, it does not show a breakdown of hold, owner, or occupied nights. It only shows the number of nights and number of reservations on a per-unit basis over the defined time period.

  • Coming soon! Enhanced reporting to include the dollar value associated with canceled bookings plus improvements to the Performance Dashboard to include the number of canceled bookings.

  • If you want to view canceled reservations on the reservation grid, here are instructions for highlighting cancellations. 

In V12.NET, the following reports are helpful:

  • Folios Cancelled Report (Reservations > Reports > Folios Cancelled). This report provides a wealth of information for canceled reservations, including if travel insurance was purchased and the amount of any refunds. Exporting this report will show more information such as commission revenues lost, rebooked nights, rent, and commission.

  • Unit Cancellation Report (Reservations > Reports > Unit Cancellation Report) This report lists reservations canceled for each property for a date range, and is commonly used to provide future cancellation reports to each Property Owner. Use the parameters to limit the information shown, such as guest names and rent charges.

  • Reservation Comparison Report (Reservation Setup > Reports > Reservations Comparison Report). Use this report to view reservations as-of a specified date categorized and sorted for business analysis, then compared to a second view of a previous date range and as-of dates.

  • Rental Statistics Comparison Report (Reservation Setup > Reports > Rental Statics Comparison Report). This report calculates rental statistics for folios that have occupancy nights within the date range, then compares this period to the same period one year earlier. Both the dollar amount and percent change from the previous period are displayed. Set the parameters to choose what folio types and contract types should be included in the calculations.

  • Both V12.NET and Escapia have bulk email capabilities so you can message upcoming guests using a single correspondence template. Escapia users can create new templates or use an existing one. To send a message to your owners, use the Owner Portal in Escapia and V12.NET. Also, in V12.NET, you can export guest mailing lists (Reservation Setup> Reports> Guest List) and use the Owner Contacts Report (Owners & units> Reports> Owner Contacts) to send emails via a 3rd party service.

  • In Escapia, it is possible to place a hold for each property directly from the reservation grid. Since marketing sources aren’t available for reservation holds, entering a customized first and last name (e.g. First name: “COVID”, Last Name: “19”) on the reservation hold can be easily used for tracking purposes. The Front Desk> Reports> Holds Report can be run to see all property holds.
  • In V12.NET, the best way to block a unit is to create a reservation for each property. For tracking purposes, you can use an existing marketing source code or create a new one that works for your situation. Reports that can be selected by source code will show the reservations created with this marketing source code.
We know you’ve been swamped with phone calls, and that you want to make sure your month-end processing isn't impacted. It’s a good idea to review the month-end checklist for Escapia and the daily and monthly procedures for V12.NET as soon as possible to ensure problems are found and resolved sooner rather than later.
  • On March 17, Vrbo announced it will waive all cancellation penalties related to this event while we work through this crisis.  That means COVID-19 cancellations will not affect your ranking metrics or Premier Partner status. Vrbo also provided new expectations for how our partners work with travelers in the COVID-19 Emergency Policy released March 18.  Learn more about Vrbo’s policies here.

  • Here is a reminder on how to cancel reservations in Escapia and in V12.NET, including what happens if the reservation is from the Vrbo network of sites.

    • NEW! Please note that if the reservation is from Vrbo, and you and the traveler have agreed to cancel the reservation, you do not have to contact Vrbo customer service to have the cancellation waived from your ranking metrics or Premier Partner status. You can learn more about Vrbo’s policies here.

    • NEW! In addition, the traveler does not have to contact Vrbo to have the service fee refunded. Vrbo is refunding the service fee for canceled reservations made before March 13, 2020, with a night that falls between March 13 and April 30, 2020, including trips that are outside the set cancellation policy.

    • If you are using Glad Contract for automatically sending rental agreements, here is a reminder on canceling the contract.

  • You can reference the following articles for refunding guest reservations in Escapia and V12.NET.

  • This is easily achieved in Escapia, and it depends on whether or not revenue has been processed to the owner.

    • Follow these three steps if the revenue is partially or fully processed on the reservation.

      • Remove revenue processing (you will still have a deduction from your business payout, but will keep the original reservation intact). Note: Any processing on the reservation will lock out the ability to edit the reservation dates. Make sure your accounting period is open for whatever month you are trying to un-process.

      • Now you will be able to edit dates of the reservation. If the guest has already chosen new dates, put those in. If the guest is still thinking about dates, make sure to put their reservation dates out for three years so that the reservation stays intact and is NOT canceled.  NOTE: if you change the date to one very far in the future, you will most likely get a “pricing failed” error so it is a good idea to add the rent amount equal to what the guest booked. Also, it may be a good idea to create an excel sheet of these reservations for later follow-up.

      • Next, you can re-process revenue based on payment processing date (payment, first night, last night, etc.)

    • If the revenue hasn’t been processed, then you can modify the dates on the reservation to the desired dates.

  • In V12.NET, you can cancel the folio and keep the deposit. You also have the option to keep anything processed on the folio. It’s easy to recall the folio when the guest rebooks and you can place them in a different property.

Additional Resources

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