EscapiaConnect terms and conditions

Terms and conditions: You acknowledge and agree that for use of the EscapiaConnect feature you will incur and be billed for additional fees at a rate of $5 (USD)/$6 (AUD) per property per month distributed to EscapiaConnect via the Unit Distribution area of Escapia. The additional fees will appear in your invoices going forward. If you do not agree to the additional fees you may choose not use this feature.


  1.  Channel Commission - The above fees are for the connectivity and channel management, not the bookings themselves. Each booking channel charges their own commission that you will be responsible for paying, and you may be required to sign a direct agreement with each channel that will determine their commission and payment terms.
  2. Credit Card & Reservation Processing - Each channel's payment processes are different, so you need to make sure you are clear on the transaction, payment and reservation flows when enabling each channel.
  3.  Instant Bookings and Cancellations - Channels consider all instant bookings to be final, and each OTA has regulations around cancelling. Most charge high fees for cancellation so you should be prepared to honor bookings, or to pay the channel’s cancellation fees.
  4. Sync Capabilities - Not all channels support the same amenity, description, image, cancellation policies and configuration options that Escapia does. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are familiar with, and manage, the configuration options for each channel to which you choose to distribute.
  5. Rent Override - Rent override will be automatically enabled for bookings that come through EscapiaConnect. Since channels may charge additional fees that you are responsible for, the price of a booking may not match what was originally in Escapia, which would block the creation of the booking in Escapia. Enabling rent override allows those bookings to be accepted in Escapia.


If you’d like to enable EscapiaConnect in your software, please email our Escapia Onboarding Team at