A New Escapia Experience is Coming Your Way!

Here’s everything you and your team need to know.

The Escapia team is excited to expand access to the new Escapia system from agency administrators only to all Escapia users, and fully upgrade customers to the modern user interface in summer 2020.

This new interface brings a more advanced, user-friendly navigation experience to Escapia, and paves the way for many time-saving enhancements and future innovations. Watch this video for a quick preview of what’s coming:

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

The week before your upgrade, you will receive an email from Escapia highlighting your team’s specific upgrade date. Administrators will receive the email before other users so that they can connect with their team in advance.

For an ideal experience, we recommend making sure you're on the latest version of your web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge).

All users will log into Escapia as they normally would — and the system will be automatically updated to the new user interface. No action is needed on your part to make this change. If you’re an agency administrator, that means you will no longer need to go to https://app.escapia.com to access the new system; you will instead log in at your company’s unique URL, just as you did before the new system was available. 

Once logged in, all users will be greeted with an in-product tour that walks you through key updates. Then, you can use Escapia as normal! All the functionality you rely on will still be available, but with an updated look and feel.

Overall, Esapia will have  a more modern, user-friendly look and feel. All core functionality you use to operate your business will remain in place. This update sets the stage for more time-saving usability updates, innovative new tools, and enhanced security for you and your team. Watch the video above for a visual overview of the key changes!

All users will automatically have the same access and permissions after they upgrade to the new Escapia interface. For example, only agency administrators will have access to tools like the Performance Dashboard and Opportunities Hub.

No. Once your business has moved to the new interface, you will not be able to revert back to the old interface. There are no changes to your core functionality, just a new, upgraded experience. If something’s not quite right, please contact support and we’ll get you the help you need!