Introducing the new Rates Manager

Easily set, update, and publish accurate rates across your connected channels whenever you want — without spending hours to make it happen.  



Here's everything you need to know.

Intuitive rate management is at your fingertips – all within Escapia at no additional cost.

Use these resources to take advantage of the time-saving new tool today.

Note: Only Agency Administrator and Rate Manager roles within Escapia will be able to access the new Rates Manager.


Frequently asked questions

Yes – all Escapia users will be required to move to the new Rates Manager, as the old rates manager will be going away on March 31, 2024. To take advantage of the new system’s many time-saving improvements, we encourage you to move to the easier, more efficient new Rates Manager now!

We’re so glad you asked! There are a variety of resources available to help you get started.  We suggest beginning by taking the Escapia University course to get an overview of the new system. From there, review the instructions to set rates in the Rates Manager to guide you through set up. When you are ready, consult the list of steps to officially go live on the new system. 

Yes! There is an optional “Populate rates” button in the new Rates Manager that leverages your existing nightly rates to give you a quick start on the new system. This document includes more details on which rates will populate.  

The minimum is one year. Keep in mind that if you do not include rates for a given time frame the unit is unbookable for those dates, so be sure to set rates as far out as you want bookings.

No. Once you move to the new Rates Manager, you will only use the new Rates Manager to set and manage your rates. Changes you make using the legacy rate tools, such as Pricing Plans and Rate Rules, will no longer be supported. You will continue to have read-only access to Pricing Plans for reference and recalculation purposes only.

At this time, we don’t have major enhancements planned prior to the retirement date. However, we do regularly review customer requests and prioritize the most impactful features. If there is a specific feature you would especially like to see added, please submit feedback via the ‘Submit feedback’ option inside your Escapia software.