2018 So Far: The Most-Loved Escapia & V12.NET Product Updates

See the top product updates of 2018 so far.

With the first six months of 2018 on the books, here’s a quick recap of some of our most impactful product updates to Escapia and V12.NET. These are just 8 of over 950 enhancements to the performance, support, and security of our software implemented in Q1 and Q2. And keep your ideas coming, you’ll see many of these updates are a direct result of user feedback!

Escapia Enhancements

New Unit Distribution Page

Managing the distribution of your inventory can be difficult and time-consuming, especially when you have many units to publish or different distribution schemes to follow. This addition allows property managers to use search criteria to dynamically filter inventory for faster, easier distribution to Network Partners. You can find the new page in Escapia navigation under Admin > Setup > EscapiaNET > New Unit Distribution.

View Message Text in Events/Correspondence Tab

In the Events/Correspondence page, users requested the ability to see the actual text of what they sent to their guests - and we delivered! We’ve added that feature and preserved the ability to see attachments, so the information you need is right at your fingertips.

Display Unit Status on “New Service Order” Page

Another user request, this update adds unit vacancy information to the New Service Order page. Users can see whether or not a unit is occupied. And if the unit is vacant, you can also see when the next guest is set to arrive. All the information you need to schedule your maintenance!

Highlight Today’s Date in Reservation Grid

No user request is too small! This slight tweak allows users to more quickly orient themselves in the Escapia Reservation Grid, upping efficiency across the board.


V12.NET Enhancements

Rental Rates Report Date Range Extended

To allow even more access to your data, the Export format of the Rental Rates Report now exports up to 365 seasons of rates to Excel. The pull-down parameter for the “Number of Seasons to Find” includes 52 and 365, along with the previous options.

Added Shortcut Icon for Work Order Search

Based on user feedback, the new version of V12.NET includes a Work Order Search option in the shortcut icons. Just click on the new icon (pictured below) to navigate to your work orders!

Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 11.22.38 AM.png





Scheduled Arrival Time Added on Print Format of Arrival Report

Also a user request, the Print format of the Arrival Report now displays the Scheduled Arrival Time. A report setting has also been added for this column, letting you decide if the column is displayed in the report by default.

Run Reports in the Background and Receive Notifications when Complete

Regular reporting is a critical aspect of running your business effectively and should be a seamless part of your day. To help save you time, we've created new reporting functionality that will allow you to run reports in the background while you complete other tasks. You'll receive a notification in V12 as soon as your report is ready. Watch the video below to learn more.

Warn and VIP Flags are Now Displayed in Guest Search

For greater visibility, when an existing user is searched for in the Guest field on the Check Availability page, guests flagged as Warn or VIP are indicated with a flag (red for “Warn”, green for “VIP”). This update was also a result of your feedback!


We have many exciting projects in the works and look forward to continuing to improve your software in the second half of 2018. Remember: you can always provide input in the “Feedback” section of Escapia or V12.NET. We read every comment and many of the changes described above were a direct result of your suggestions - thank you!