What’s New in Escapia

Stay in the know on the latest and greatest Escapia releases for vacation rental property managers. These are the most impactful, can’t-miss enhancements based on customer feedback! And with our focused investment in Escapia, there is a whole lot more to come.

July 2021

We're making the collection and storage of payments in Escapia even more secure. Most of these updates are behind the scenes, but later this July* you may notice:

  • The Payment Account screen has a more modern look and feel – with all the same functionality! 
  • There are a couple screens where you may need to click “Manage Payment Accounts” to open a secure pop-up module for adding new credit card details, instead of adding those details directly in those screens. This option will be in the same place as before.

These updates will further enhance Escapia security and support PCI compliance, and we anticipate little to no impact to the way you do business. 

*Note that these updates will be released on a rolling basis throughout the month of July. 

June 2021

Did you know 70% of travelers are willing to pay extra for properties that have their favorite amenities and services?*

Flexcation Amenities:

Attract new guests on Vrbo by highlighting the amenities travelers want to work and learn remotely. From Wifi details to office essentials, “Flexcation” amenities are now available in Escapia and will map directly into Vrbo.

Flexcation amenities are also available in the EscapiaNET API, giving third-party partners and your personal websites the option to map and display them once website providers complete their system updates.

Learn more about Flexcation Amenities and how to add them in Escapia >

Beach Amenities:

Also new to Escapia is the “Location Type: Beach” standard amenity, which will map to the Vrbo setting and view type “Beach.” If you have already created and selected a custom amenity called “Beach,” this will now also map to Vrbo setting and view type “Beach.”

Please note that the existing “Location Type: Beach View” and “Location Type: Beachfront” standard amenities have not changed and will continue to map to Vrbo.

Make sure to include all applicable beach amenities for your properties for the best chance of attracting travelers!

Learn more about Standard Amenities in Escapia >

*2021 Expedia “What Travelers Want” Survey

March 2021

We’ve added a brand-new “Folio Audit Export” report to make it easier than ever to view all folio-related details in Escapia. The new report includes information about guests, units, reservation type and number, marketing data, rent, guest fees, and owner fees.

To access the new report in Escapia, simply navigate to: Accounting > Reports > Reservations > Folio Audit Export.

This information is especially helpful for revenue recognition, budgeting, and diagnostic purposes – so be sure to take a look!

Get the details

February 2021

We’ve added a new filter allowing you to exclude bookings from specific channels from Automated Payments. That means you can now take advantage of Automated Payments only on the channels that fit your business! Get full instructions on Automated Payments and how to use the new “Booking Channel” filter.

The team has made it easier to print report PDFs directly from Escapia. Before this update, some reports required users to run the report, download the PDF, and then open the PDF on your device before you could print. In the spirit of “killing the clicks,” this new update will allow you to run reports and print directly from Escapia — no download required. This timesaving update is already live in your system today.

January 2021

In addition to the fiscal year and reporting enhancements announced last month (see details here), the Escapia team has rolled out two new accounting reports. These reports are especially beneficial for compliance in Australia and New Zealand: 

  • 3-Way Reconciliation (Accounting > Reports > Banking): This new report saves you time by combining the following 3 reports into one single view: Bank Reconciliation Report, Summary Trust Reconciliation Report, and Bank Reconciliation Worksheets. 

  • Advanced Deposits by Unit (Accounting > Reports > Banking > Advanced Deposit Reports): This new report is similar to the Advanced Deposit by Reservation report, but it is grouped by Unit instead of by Reservation/Guest. 

December 2020

Escapia users can now choose any start month for their fiscal year! So, if you operate outside of the default January – December fiscal year, you have the option to choose a different “Fiscal Year Start” month to align with your business.  


To make this change, simply navigate to Accounting > Setup > General Accounting Setup in your Escapia software. Note that the default value for “Fiscal Year Start” is January – so no action is needed if that is when your fiscal year begins. 

See details

This week’s release also includes reporting enhancements that are especially beneficial for compliance in Australia and New Zealand: 

  • Added “Status of payment” to the Receipt Register Report located under Accounting > Reports > Accounts Receivable 

  • Added “Receipt Number” to the following reports: 

    • Advanced Deposits Detail Report located under Accounting > Reports > Banking 

    • Advance Deposits By Guest, Advance Deposits by Guest With Sort, Advance Deposits By Reservation, and Advance Deposits By User Sort located under Accounting > Reports > Banking > Advanced Deposit Reports 

    • Deposit Detail Report located under Accounting > Reports > Banking > Deposit Detail 

You will now see these new columns live in your reports!

November 2020

The IRS recently reintroduced Form 1099-NEC for non-employee compensation. Here is more information about this required form and how you can support it within Escapia. 

What is the 1099-NEC form? 

The 1099-NEC form replaces a piece of reporting previously provided in the 1099-MISC form related to non-employee compensation. Form 1099-NEC is due on or before January 31, 2021 to both the IRS and your recipients of non-employee compensation (in this case, your vendors).

How to support the 1099-NEC form within Escapia 

You can now print 1099-NEC forms in Escapia by navigating to Accounting > Reports > Tax > Print 1099s and selecting “Vendors” from the dropdown. If you work with a third-party preparer, the Vendor Form 1099 Worksheet under Accounting  > Reports > Tax is now updated to include all necessary information for Form 1099-NEC. 

Additional 2020 Tax Updates 

Updated 1099 MISC forms are now also available in Escapia, and can be printed by selecting “Owners” from the Print 1099s dropdown. As in previous years, you can use the Owner Form 1099 Worksheet to share this information with a third-party preparer. 

See reporting details 

*Source: Internal Revenue Service 

October 2020

Previously for customers with many units across multiple owners, generating owner statements could be time-consuming. Following this new release, it’s faster than ever to generate owner statements — with some customers even reporting a 75% faster run time!  

Before, you could only run statements for a maximum of 200 owners per batch. Now, you can select ALL owners in one batch, or specific owners only as needed – eliminating the need to run multiple batches. 

And here’s the best part: you no longer must stay on the Generate Owner Statement page until the process completes. You can continue to work elsewhere in the software and the process will continue to run in the background even if you leave the page. 

image (19).png 

Plus, the Generate Owner Statements and Manage Owner Statement screens now have a more modern, user-friendly look and feel. We also combined the first two steps in the Generate Owner Statement Wizard to save you clicks and time.  

Find out more

Session recordings are now available from Escapia Live 2020, our virtual event for V12.NET, YesBookit, and Escapia customers. From new feature sneak peeks to software tips and tricks, this is your chance to get up to speed on the latest and greatest Escapia happenings. Watch North America or Australia-New Zealand recordings.

September 2020

The Escapia team spent September upgrading internal technology and laying the groundwork for future Escapia updates. Subscribe to Escapia status and maintenance reports here.


August 2020

Escapia has added a time-saving new Rental Agent filter to the Manage Owner Statement screen, allowing users to search for Owner Statements that only include the units associated with the selected Rental Agent. No more digging through unnecessary Owner Statements!

Get full details here

July 2020

When cancelling reservations, Escapia users will now have the option to either keep or remove unprocessed rent and tax. You can also easily reference the cancellation data (like rent and fees) from within the booking instead of relying on audit logs. This will enable you to easily see all cancellation data in one place. 

On the details page of the booking, you can click “Show Cancelled Booking Information” to display all the information that was removed during the cancellation process.

Learn more about these updates here.

Based on your feedback, we’ve simplified the steps to process booking revenue in Escapia. Filters for the processing method, time period, and booking dates now live on the same page as your bookings, making it faster and easier to select the information you need. Here’s a look at the new view under Accounting > Process Booking Revenue:

​​​​Have complex unit configurations? Lockoffs are a way for a unit (parent) to have multiple sub-units (children) so that reserving a parent unit affects the availability of its children and reserving a child unit affects the availability of the parent. For example, lockoffs are often used when units are next to each other and have a door that can be locked or unlocked depending on whether the child or parent unit is reserved.

With our new lockoff functionality, Escapia users can now set units with multiple configurations as new units. Doing so will automatically update availability and rates for these properties.

Find out more

For users creating manual holds for a unit, Escapia includes a “Hold Until Date” option that enables the hold to expire automatically. In our latest release, Escapia has also added the ability to specify a “Hold Until Time” for the hold to expire, giving you more control over your unit hold times. 

To take advantage of this new functionality, set a default time for the Hold Until feature on Reservations > Setup > Reservations. You can also change the time for any hold independently by opening the Hold and editing the value in the “Hold Until” Time field:

For full instructions on using holds see this Knowledge Base article.

June 2020

In response to COVID-19, Escapia now has the ability to automatically create cleaning holds before and after each reservation. This will help you follow self-imposed or regulatory guidelines by adding a buffer between guest stays. You can customize clean days at the business level (shown below) or unit level and they will be automatically removed if a booking is moved or cancelled. Note: This will not overwrite existing holds or reservations. 

Find out more about setting up automatic cleaning day holds in Escapia here

We’ve heard from travelers that cleanliness matters and now you can indicate enhanced cleaning practices using amenities in Escapia.  Following Vrbo’s announcement, Escapia users will now be able to select from 7 new COVID-19 Health and Safety amenities that will map directly to Vrbo:

  • Health and Safety: Enhanced cleaning practices 
  • Health and Safety: Minimum time between stays 
  • Health and Safety: Clean with disinfectant
  • Health and Safety: No-contact check-in and check-out
  • Health and Safety: High touch surfaces cleaned with disinfectant 
  • Health and Safety: Towels and bedding washed in water that’s at least 60ºC/140ºF 
  • Health and Safety: Follow industry association cleaning practices 

Get the full details on adding Health and Safety amenities here

To help Escapia customers save time and avoid any loss of revenue, rent will now be automatically added to the folio when a cancelled reservation is recalled. This will make undoing a cancellation easier since rent will be automatically pulled back into the booking and no longer need to be recalculated manually.

Simplify your nightly service routine with the new owner statements filter. Escapia users can now exclude owner statements with no activity, saving you processing time. Plus, you’ll avoid sending out blank owner statements.

To start using this new filter, just check the box for "Exclude Owner Statements With No Activity” on the Owner Correspondence Settings page: 

For full instructions on how to configure automated owner statements, review this Knowledgebase article. 

Escapia customers have the ability to include fees in the rent amount when quoting to travelers, however on Vrbo those fees were shown in an itemized list (via product codes) and were not included in the rent amount.

Vrbo recently updated its API to include any Escapia fees designated as "Group this charge with rent” in the rental amount, both on the search results page and the property details page. This helpful update will reduce conversion friction and make booking simpler for travelers who will not be confronted with a long list of fees.

To enable this update to Vrbo listings, confirm the “Group this charge with rent” box is checked in your charge templates:

If this box is checked, no other action is needed and Vrbo listings will immediately reflect this update.

May 2020

One of the top requests from users who collect payments in Escapia, we have added a new “Amount Due Type” pull-down menu to populate the “Payment Amt” field. This means no more searching for payment amounts; options will be brought right into the payment screen, making collecting payment faster and easier. Full instructions available here.

Also, the next time you need to reverse a transaction in Escapia, you’ll notice it takes a lot fewer clicks. Yet another time-saving improvement implemented thanks to your feedback.

​​​​​​Escapia users can now create custom cancellation policies for Vrbo! The new option allows for up to three different refund percentages for different amounts of days before the check-in date, giving you the flexibility to create a tiered policy that aligns with your business needs. 

If not all of your units use the same cancellation policy, you can even override the default cancellation policy on individual units. See the “Create a Custom Cancellation Policy” section of our Escapia documentation for details.

As you set your policies, keep in mind that recent Vrbo data indicates 77% of travelers are more likely to book a rental with flexible cancellation policies.* To appeal to travelers and secure more bookings, consider transitioning to more flexible cancellation policies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

*Results from a survey of 222 travelers and a user session conducted by Vrbo in April 2020.

April 2020

Introducing a new feature that gives you greater flexibility and control over your pricing. Escapia users can now configure charge templates by channel, enabling you to adjust fees based on where you are advertising your inventory, or based on the marketing source used on the reservation. To leverage this new functionality, you can either update an existing charge template or create a new one. Simply use the 'Channel Partner Scope' area of the charge template to select one or more channel partners that the charge template applies to — full instructions here.

​​​​To save you time and enable better correspondence with guests, we are excited to announce the release of automatic emails in Escapia! This new functionality will help you avoid manually generating correspondence to guests, instead allowing you to send automatic emails based on certain booking events like check-in, moving units, cancellations, and more. Emails can also be scheduled and sent automatically based on the number of days before or after the guest's arrival or departure date. For more details and to get started with automatic emails, review this Knowledgebase article.


​​​​For detailed information on cancellations due to COVID-19, this brand-new report gathers the most important cancellation data into one view: guest information, reservation details, total payments made, refunds and more.* Get the details here.

*Note that some report data is only available for cancellations that took place after March 17, 2020.

March 2020

​​​To make it easier to track the impact of COVID-19 on your bookings, we have added the ability to view 2020 cancellations within the new Escapia system’s Performance Dashboard.* To view cancellations, simply log into the new system (instructions here), go to the Performance Dashboard, click the “Bookings” tab, and check the box on the far right titled “2020 YTD + Cancellations.” Please note that this option is only visible when the “2020 YTD” box on the far left is also selected. If you would like to narrow the results presented on the chart, you can filter by location, office, unit, and more. See this page for more information on filtering in the Performance Dashboard.

*Access to the new Escapia system, including the Performance Dashboard, is currently available to Escapia Agency Administrators only. Agency admins can access the new Escapia system by following the instructions in this article.

To answer immediate questions and provide ongoing resources for the vacation rental industry, we have created COVID-19 resource pages that will be updated regularly with new information.

Get guidance on:

  • Managing cancellations and rebookings 

  • Understanding the impact of COVID-19 on your business

  • Cleanliness and safety guidelines

  • And more…

As the situation evolves, we will update this page and roll out additional communications so you can stay informed.

See resources for Escapia and V12.NET customers, or resources for property managers who do not use Escapia.

February 2020

You can now add photos and documents to service orders so you can reference them later, keep a visual record of the service order process, and share internally or with your owners. The additional detail will help all parties better understand the problem and communicate efficiently. Plus, photos and documents can be added to a service order via a desktop browser, mobile web, or the Vrbo mobile app — whichever you prefer. For full instructions see this help article.

January 2020

Escapia users can now save queries in custom search, enabling you to share frequently used searches amongst your team. Once a search query completes, you’ll see the option to “Save Search” via a button to the right of the “Search” button. To see saved searches simply click “Show Saved Searches."

When deleting an owner payment on the Accounting > Accounts Payable > View Payments screen, the corresponding bill will now also be deleted along with the owner payment — helping save you time and eliminating redundant tasks. The delete payment confirmation dialog now includes more detailed information about the payments being deleted.

Deleting Multiple Payments

When deleting multiple payments, owner payments will show the associated bill highlighted in red. 

Deleting a Single Payment

When deleting a single owner payment, the confirmation dialog will show the associated bill as a single item.

For users with access to the new Escapia system, the team rolled out a number of new enhancements to the Performance Dashboard. The improvements were made based on customer feedback, and include the following releases:

  • Data Export: Easily manipulate data or share information with owners by exporting the Performance Dashboard table data from a selected time period to a CSV file. The ability to export a PDF version will be added next.
  • Data Expansion: Get an even more complete view of historical data by selecting “Last Year” in the Performance Dashboard dropdown. This addition allows comparisons between the current and previous year.
  • New Filter: It’s now easier than ever to select units through the “Unit” property filter. Search for a unit by its number or keywords like “Ocean” to find units faster.


Questions about any of the Escapia enhancements above? Current customers can reach out to csm@escapia.com. If you’re not yet an Escapia customer, please contact us here.